“The New Frontiers of Transmedia and Interactive Documentary”

Day: May, 29th
Place: Mitchell room, MediaTIC building, 7 floor. C/ Roc Boronat 117, Barcelona
Schedule: from 18 to 21 hours

Registration through Meetup.

Capacity: 60 people Presentation: StoryCodeBCN’s members and Arnau Gifreu
Moderation: StoryCodeBCN

Event information:

On Thursday May 29th it will take place the first transmedia documentary Meetup, an informal meeting organized by the StorycodeBCN and UOC that shall consist in two parts and will be the prelude to InterDocsBarcelona’s conference, which will take place next day.

The first part of this meeting will be a round table with international transmedia documentary stakeholders. Among the guests that will attend the meetup, we will have the presence of:

Mandy Rose (i-docs, DCRC – University of the West of England)

Alex Badia (Barret Films)

Serrana Torres, Tània Balló (intropiamedia)

Ricardo Villa (director of interactive media at Televisión Española)

Eva Domínguez (journalist and researcher specialised in immersive non-fiction)

The table will conclude with a quick series of presentations by the producers present at the event.
After that, it will be presented a selection of projects in the field of non-interactive and transmedia fiction, produced by students from different universities. Through this initiativ, InterDocsBarcelona not only aims to bring visibility to professional projects and enterprises, but also to a whole new generation of young writers and creators of interactive experiences, addicted to reality.

The projects that will be shown will be:
1) “Emblematic Barcelona”, by Laia Ros & Ben Ramage (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
2) “A constant miracle”, by Laura Casanova & Océane Apffel (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
3) “2punt llibre”, by Mireia Casajuana & Sara Pascual, (ERAM – Universitat de Girona)
4) “Cyborg Project”, by Roger Soldevila, (Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya)

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