I titled my last post “New Business, New Systems, New Stories”. Due to the need of being brief, I didn’t talk about another important question related to this change of paradigm, this new ecosystem that emerges as a different way of understanding the world and doing business. Feeling that it is an important point, I would like to write a bit more about it. (And luckily I don’t need to look for too distant examples). I’m m talking about the “win-win” concept.

Although it is nothing new and its definition is quiet easy to understand, it seems more difficult to put it into practice. And the big problem is that we must deal with a really new problem, here: something that, as a species, we have never seen before.

Evolution is a concept applied to a lot of different fields. Biological evolution (in human terms) is a very slow process if you compare it with social or technological one. So, basically, homo sapiens hasn’t changed since we stood up and started hunting, collecting, creating social structures and settlements.

But, while our body (and brain is just a part of it) didn’t change, societies did. Anyway, those changes came slowly, so even the aftermath of what we now call revolutions (like the creation of the printed word) took centuries to get to (almost) everybody. Yes, we created tools and techniques that helped us to explore the world, but this advance came bit by bit. Of course, it could seem that it accelerated as time went by, but those changes could be assumed by anyone throughout their life.

During past centuries that has been enough.

It was not until middle-late 20th Century, with the emergence of the first computers, that the technological evolution rocketed, taking an exponential growth.

So while our bodies hadn’t changed, our environment and the way we relate to it has become completely different. The problem is that all the good things we got as species and helped us not only to survive, but to adapt, have become old-fashioned. In other words: our brains still think in terms of scarcity, while we live in a society of abundance. And that’s why the win-win concept has not get the relevance it have to.

Same thing goes for business, companies and governments. There is food and supplies for all humanity. (A different subject is that we must to stop wasting them). But we must to understand that is unnecessary to keep more than we need: with an intelligent distribution of our resources, there is enough for everybody, always. And as we talk about food, we could talk about knowledge: shared knowledge shortens processes and improves results, to the common good.

This week’s breaking news was the collaboration agreement signed by NASA and Space Nation . Do you see? A start-up and a huge organization can join forces, why not? Of course they can, and they have done it. Because we all (people, organizations) are needed.

It seems clear that we must to create a new mind frame that helps us to move ahead. Do you want to collaborate to do it?

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Images: original image from https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/06/space-nation-will-tap-nasa-for-global-astronaut-training-program/?ncid=rss . Credits: Owners.

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