Last week I flew to Bogotá to participate in the fourth edition of Colombia 3.0, a macro event focused on new technologies.
The program was organized into seven major areas: animation, web, mobile, monetization, convergence, music, government, business and ICT.
My masterclass, registered in the convergence section, was titled, “How to co-create transmedia narratives with the audience?“.
As I usually do, I started the speech not giving answers but asking questions, in the usual Socratic line of thought I like to work.

My presentation focused on seven major questions, showed as seven points in a “connecting points” type of drawing, giving an opportunity to the public to draw their own conclusions.

This link leads to the presentation.

Days later, when I uploaded it to the Internet, SlideShare recognized my presentation as one of the most viewed on Facebook!

Thank you, SlideShare!

I also participated, along with Alejandro Torres and Belén Urqueta in a workshop-round table with some people most of them creators, researchers and teachers attracted by Transmedia.

Channel 13 was responsible for covering the event.
Isa Mosquera, a well-known Colombian hostess, interviewed me. Here is the video.

It was an interesting experience, which gave me the opportunity to see the effort and interest that Colombian people and government show about transmedia narratives associated with new technologies, all with a clear purpose of social welfare.

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