I started my personal blog in January 2009. It took its name from a famous quote by Nicholas Ray: “I am a stranger here myself”, a line said in “Johnny Guitar” by the main character played by Sterling Hayden.
The quote fitted so well in Nick Ray’s way of thinking that from there on he adopted it as working title of every new movie he planned.
“We Can’t Go Home Again” was the title of last Nicholas Ray’s movie. (A quote clearly related to the first one).
I’ve always loved Nicholas Ray movies and his approach to life and to filmmaking. So… that’s where the name of this blog comes from.

Time changes and the show must go on.
Now it is time to wash the face of this place and keep on. So I say goodbye to the original header and start a new chapter form here on.
There will be some things that will keep the same (as my contributions to “filmin radar” section) and some others that will show up here for the first time.
You will have news from them pretty soon.
So, let’s start with this new header, that plays tribute to the last one, keeps the same spirit but opens a new path.
As I said before… we can’t go home again.

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