When you are a child you don’t think about the future. In fact, you rarely think about time. You live the present moment with such intensity, that there is no place for anything else.

As you grow up, time gets in your life (because Time is a concept, but that’s another story). It comes subtly: maybe that day of the week you see a new episode of your favorite TV series, or those school holidays you spend with your friends.

Then, as you become a teenager, you have to “start thinking about your future”, which means that you will have to make some decisions about what you want to become: the knowledge you need, where you will go to study and, afterwards, to work.

And before you realize you are part of Society: you will have a career, a job and a social status… All that demands from you and your community to have an idea about how the future is going to be, and then design a path to go from here (the present) to there (the future); you as an individual, and all of us as a whole.

But luckily we live strange and amazing times. Technological development grows so fast that is quiet difficult to know what will happen in next decades, if not years. There has not been a phenomenon like that in history. It’s almost impossible to know which profession you will have in the future… because most of them don’t exist yet.

But there are some hints that show us some of the areas that will develop in years to come. And one of them is Space.

Times moves so fast that future and present have meet. Future is now. Do you want to be part of it? Join us.

Learn more at https://www.spacenation.org and follow the conversation at https://twitter.com/space_citizens (ENG) and https://twitter.com/gentespacial (SPA)




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