Maybe you feel you are standing with both feet solid on the ground and every day Sun comes up and down. But some of us (I mean, most of us) know better than that.
Maybe you think World doesn’t change, and that when tomorrow you wake up, you will be in the same situation as yesterday, when you when to bed. But, deep down, you know that’s not true.
We can agree that we have both feet on the ground, but we must recognize that horizon is only a concept, and although it seems like a flat line, it is not. Earth is curved, and we only see the horizon as a straight line because our vision angle is too narrow. And, although our perception is that Sun comes up and down (and let’s recognize this is a lovely poetic image), we know better: Earth moves around the Sun.
So we, all of us live on Earth, and that’s our spaceship. It keeps moving around and around. So do us, with her.
Knowing it or not, we are space citizens. So we finally found a common cause, some irrefutable prove that brings us all together! We ALL are space citizens!
Being a Space Citizen doesn’t mean you want to go to the stars, or even that you want to fly away, even to experience zero gravity.
Some of us will go to the sky and far beyond. Others will remain on old mother Earth. But that doesn’t make us different. We still are on the same boat!
That’s the most beautiful thing about it: we all are space citizens, we all are unique and all of us are necessary. Being on ground control or in a rocket. Being a physical or an artist (or whatever you are). We have a common mission and, in order to achieve it, all of us have to do our best.
That’s what we understand about being a space citizen: all of us can improve our abilities. All of us can achieve a better version of ourselves. All of us can achieve our dreams. Let’s do it together!
Are you ready? We are waiting for you, because you and us are the same. WE are space citizens. And let the Sun come up one more day.
(Meet us at https://twitter.com/space_citizens and https://www.spacenation.org)

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