Some weeks ago, Carles Planas, journalist at Viaempresa (catalan digital news publication focused on business), interviewed me about Brand Storytelling.
This is the link to the full article (CAT).

We talked about how conventional media and advertising agencies are losing their clients, whom look for people/companies who can understand the new ways to communicate that digital society has brought to us. (And this is something quite more serious than a technological change).

We also discussed about branded content and the need expressed by the companies, in a way or another, about recognizing their values and communicating them.

Storytelling is the solution, but not storytelling understood as an advert campaign or any other “make-up” operation.
A true in-company process of Storytelling is needed before you can start talking about yourself. Companies and Brands must understand that an inner dialogue is going own, a complex conversation between the different members of their Brand Universe.
Connecting the dots will help them to integrate all their stories.

From there on, they will be able to start thinking about a good transmedia (storytelling) strategy: one that keeps on the process of communication,making sense to all the messages and all the members of the Brand.

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