ORGANIZATIONAL STORYTELLING (Consulting, Workshops and Training)
– Analysis of Brand Story and Communication
– Brand Storytelling
– Storytelling for Change
– Company / Team / Project Alignment
– Self Improvement Management
– Inspirational Storytelling- Storytelling for Crisis
– Storytelling for Crisis

TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING (Consulting, Workshops, Training and Production)
– Brand Universe, Creation and Analysis
– Transmedia Architecture
– Branded Content
– Multiplatform Communication Strategy
– Immersive User Experience
– Gamification & Narrative Strategies
– From Advertising to Branded Content

VISUAL STORYTELLING (Consulting and Production)
– Visual / Graphic Facilitation
– Visual Thinking
– Visualization of Information

MENTORING (Consulting and Production)
– Design Thinking…
– Peripheral Thinking…
– Lateral Thinking…
– Creative Writing…
– and other disruptive methodologies…
… applied to creative / industrial processes and search of solutions

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