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I tried to write a comment to this post of Simon Staffans, because it seems to me that he has asked one of the most important questions humanity has to answer.

I was going to put it as a comment on his LinkedIn post, but at last I’ve changed my mind: being such an important question, I also want to share it with all of you.

So, here is what I’ve written:

I love your post, Simon. Yes, that’s our first responsibility as Storytellers. But it always was, and it always will be.

And here (again) I have to signal the difference between Storytelling (as an Art, a way of life and a way of understanding life) and storytelling as a simple technique. Those who choose the second one finish doing simple entertainment, fireworks and FX without heart or soul. Although I will try my best every day of my life, I don’t feel worried about the future of Storytelling and the stories we have to tell to create a better future (Remember our conversations about “the Gap”?).

There has always been Storytellers telling new stories of Hope and Wisdom. Maybe to hear their voices one have to shut off the TV or whatever device you use to get “informed” about what’s happening on the world.

These voices are there, maybe they seem only distant whispers, but they never stopped telling stories. That’s what makes Storytelling more that a profession: we know we are only part of something bigger, more bigger than ourselves. Writers, Poets, Filmmakers… You name it, and if you look close enough you will meet them.

It is not a question of number, or I don’t see it is. Every person makes the difference. Every time we tell a story, if only one people on the audience feel that something happened, that’s enough.

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