My name is Montecarlo. I’m a Storyteller, a Filmmaker and a Transmedia Architect.
PhD in Communication / MBA in Film and TV / BA in Fine Arts.

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I tell my own stories and I assist brands, companies and individuals to tell theirs.
I help my clients to recognize their brand universe and to communicate it to the world through transmedia storytelling, branded content, immersive narratives and user experience.

I understand Storytelling as a systemic discipline: You can see a brand, a company or an individual as a complex system that will make sense through a narrative (their own) and will communicate it from an emotional level. Coherence is the word and Storytelling is the way to do it.

If it sounds thrilling, wait till you experience it!

I consider myself an explorer, because I’m sure our last frontier, as society and as species, is the stories we tell us.

And I’m sure we build our past, present and future from the stories we tell ourselves.
That’s why I, apart from telling my own stories, help others to do the same.

I’ve put all my energy on doing so since I can remember.
And I will keep doing it as long as I live.

If you want to know something more, just contact me and let’s talk: I’m sure a good story will grow from this meeting.

You can find more details about me here:
And you can follow me at @Imastranger

I’m also partner and co-director of Efímero Films Ltd. so, if you need some business advice or have a project to develop, contact us here.


Storytelling / Organizational Storytelling / Transmedia Storytelling / Branded Content / Story Architecture & Narrative Structures / Filmmaking / Screenwriting / Design + Disruptive, Lateral, Peripheral & Visual Thinking / Visual Storytelling / Creative Writing / Animation & Motion Graphics / Graphic Novel.


That is what I believe: “Reality is. Everything else is stories.”
So, if you change your story you will change your world.
Because, at last, “We are stories”.

And this is a quote by master filmmaker Nicholas Ray that always has worked as my compass:
“Learning is finding out what you already now.
Doing is demonstrating that you know it.
Teaching is reminding others that they know it just as well as you.
We are all learners, doers, teachers.
Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself